Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation

A Human Affevt Ad Hoc Unit Policy In Action Implrmentation Initiative

Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation

Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation is a Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit "Policy In Action" Implementation Initiative. It is our goal to initiate and implement International Human and Planet Mother Earth Sustainability by utilizing Yoga meditation as a conduit for offering responsible rights based learning of United Nations and other international instruments. Yoga meditation offers peace from within by enabling ones to cultivate peace at home and abroad one pose at a time. Be a "Yoga Peace Ambassador".

During summer months "Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation" host "Yoga Tuesday's" in DAG Park on 47th street, between 1st and 2nd avenue, directly across from the United Nations from 12noon to 3:00pm.

Yoga is free and offered to the community by Human Affect by "Yoga Youth Peace Ambassador's.  Come join the "Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation" Culture of Peace Transformation Movement.
Each Week 15 - 20 minutes of Yoga is offered at the top of each hour and during the second half of each hour team a special guest speaker expert on peace, harmony, reconciliation and human & planet mother earth sustainability will join us preparing the Human Affect "International Youth Peace and Reconciliation" Treaty for Human and Planet Mother Earth Harmony.  You're welcome to join Team Human Affect by contacting us at humanaffec[email protected]!