Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation

A Human Affevt Ad Hoc Unit Policy In Action Implrmentation Initiative

Youth Peace Ambassador's 

Fulfilling the 1000 Youth Empowered Peace Maker Goal (2013 - 2017)

Shani Kibide 

Shani Kibide has been attending the United Nations since the age of six years and been advocating at high level meetings and events for the past 2 years. She founded the International NGO, "Ancestor Circle", website:, at age seven. Through her International International Initiative, Shani Kibide has been helping and encouraging people to learn their ancestral heritage. In 2011 she was selected as one of Janet Jackson's 20 under 20 Extraordinary Youth, for her international work with Ancestor Circle International NGO.

Also, in 2011 Shani Kibide became involved with the UN-CSD (United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development) and joined the United Nations "Major Group of Children and Youth" (MGCY), where she advocates for the sustainability of future generations. During that same time period, Shani became involved with "Human Affect" Initiative "Yoga 4 Peace & Reconciliation" as one of the Youth Yoga Peace Ambassador, utilizing yoga as a conduit for peace. Shani is also a member of  the International Youth Council, 2012 Co-Facilitator for The UN-CSD MGCY Task-Force for the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development and Co-founded the international initiative "Shoes 4 Africa". 

In 2013, Shani joined the youth delegation of the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC) and the North American Youth Caucus, advocating and representing indigenous youth internationally. 

Shani Kibide will be attending University in the fall and is planning to study holistic medicine and creative writing. Shani Kibide hope is to build holistic health clinics in North America and Africa. Shani Kibide is currently fifteen years old and is working towards becoming an effective humanitarian for the betterment of humanity everywhere.

Phinease "Roaring Lion"
Phinease has been an active Human Affect "Yoga Youth Peace Ambassador" since 2010 and is the lead Yogi for Yogay Tuesday's at the United Nations for 2013.  "Roaring Lion" Yoga of choice is Inverted Yoga and Hatha Yoga. For 2013 Phinease Roaring Lion was chosen to represent international African  Youth at home and throughout the Diaspora during the "Day of the African Child".  He presented his statement during African Union Press Conference and also during the United Nations Celebration where the African Union Ambassador to the United Nations and Ambassador for Zambia to the United Nations, Chaired the event.
Phinease founded "Nature Trodders" at the age of 5 and aspires to become an Earth Scienctist Expert.  He states that Yoga offers him time to relax, breath and release all his worries so that he focus on his goals.  Checkout his website:

Tir'Zah "Dancing Wind"
Tir'Zah "Dancing Wind" is a "Yoga Youth Peace Ambassador" since 2010 and her yoga of choice is dancing yoga adn Hatha Yoga.  Tir'Zah is a artist and animal advocate.  Her passion surrounds protecting planet mother earth animal life and sacred nature from harm.
Dancing Wind aspires to a veternarian and artisti humanitarian.  
Each week during Yoga Tuesday's "Dancing Wind" offer yoga 4 peace and reconciliatiion and she would like to inspire you to help planet mother earth to heal.  She ask that you visit her website and join her mission in encouraging healing for all living creature and natural systems of life.  Website:

Ruha Jamil

Zuha Jamil is an undergraduate at New York University, concentrating in Economics and Politics. On campus, she serves as President of the Pakistani Students Association and is a Staff Writer for Washington Square News. She is also an executive member of the Public Relations Society, as well as a part of the Alternative Breaks Service Program. Her interests range from Geopolitics & International development to Human Rights and Social/Cultural analysis. Among her other areas of interests are Entrepreneurship, Literature, Philanthropy, and Public Service.  She enjoys building networks and organizations and in 2010, she co-founded a fashion house, ‘ATELIER’. In 2013, she became one of the founders of ‘NAPSA’, a location-based online networking platform for Pakistanis in the US. When not overindulging in news radiating from her native Pakistan or planning a university event, she can be found trying her luck at literary ingenuity. She has dreams as big as the city she currently lives in & believes that others should have the liberty to accomplish their dreams as well.

Aarron McWillie 

My name is Aarron McWillie and I am a recent graduate from the University of Rochester with a degree in international relation. While i was there I was awarded a HEOP scholarship for all four years. I participated in many student groups such as the Black Student Union and UR Concerts in which I help plan and organize various concerts held at the University of Rochester. I was born and raised in New York City, and I am currently living in Brooklyn. Living in the city for most of my life has exposed me to many different cultures. Because of this, as well as my interest in politics and world news, has sparked my interest in international relations and therefore my major that led into my B.A. I also have a strong interest in traveling and have been to Ecuador as well as Spain and the Netherlands. In my free time I enjoy reading, practicing yoga and drawing in my sketch pad. I am currently learning Spanish, so I also enjoy listening to songs in Spanish and watching Spanish movies to improve my skills. One of my major goals in life is to become an ambassador for the UN or work with the UN to promote human rights around the world. This includes prosecuting those who commit acts against human rights and helping to mediate wars. Through this internship I hope to make an impact on the world by helping the organization as well as the UN to promote the ideas I believe in. 

Aurora Chen 

I wake up in the morning with the goal of surviving the day. I am never sure what is going to happen, that is why I appreciate every minute of life I am given. My biggest accomplishment was when I was fourteen; I went on a transoceanic plane all by myself. Some might say it was a piece of cake but it was not. For me, that flight represented a turning point; it was the day I left home and began my independent life.

That day, I arrived at JFK and went through two hours of customs. It was strange. I could not see anything and everyone was so tall.  As tiny Chinese girl with a huge backpack hidden between two seemingly giant people I wondered, would anyone even notice me? As I walked to the exit, everyone seemed to have someone who was waiting for them; people ran to each other and hugged each other happily. I texted my parents because I was afraid that if I heard their voices I would start to cry. I took a cab, and gave the driver an unknown address. I had no clue where I was going. It took me about an hour to get to the house where I was supposed to meet four people that were total strangers to me. I felt so homesick, my stomach hurt as if someone had stabbed me. I was scared. I cried for an entire week. 

Eventually, things started to get better. My English started to improve. I got to know many people, and I did so many things that I had never done before. I learned how to cook Filipino food, I celebrated my first Independence Day, I learned to introduce myself in four different languages, I went sailing, I went fishing, it was amazing. 

Leaving my home made me a more independent girl. I had always been extremely attached to and dependent on my parents. Now that I lived independently, I discovered what I personally liked, such as singing, cooking, taekwondo, and gardening. Now, my greatest passion is to wander around, without a destination, and look, breathe, walk, and run, from place to place.

Ibijoke Oke

Ibijoke Oke is a recent graduate of DePauw University where she holds a BA. In Conflict Studies and French. She is Originally from Nigeria and has lived in and visited several African countries. She is an Afropolitan that is passionate about the growth and development of the African continent in the areas of peace, human rights for all, education, and economic sustainability.

Ibijoke’s passion for education led her to work with Centre International pour la Promotion du Leadership Féminin in Dakar, Senegal where she had the opportunity to empower and mentor young girls, stressing the importance of education. In Zimbabwe, Ibijoke was also a teacher assistant in an all girls’ school. She followed through with this passion while DePauw by being a Greencastle Middle School tutor.

With a strong desire for peace and justice, she took up internship and volunteer positions during summer and winter breaks at the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Nigeria and the Justice, Development and Peace Commission, Nigeria. During her time at DePauw University, she was also a part of the Restorative Justice program, DePauw Global Leaders Program, and the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative.

In her spare time, Ibijoke enjoys dancing, acting, playing sports, and talking to people. Her career goal is to pursue a graduate degree in the field of International Relations/Development with the aim of contributing to the establishment of Peace, Security, Growth and Development in Africa.

Mehdi BoughAlbi

Mehdi Boughalbi has been working with kids for the past 5 years as a teaching assistant in primary and secondary schools.

His role consisted on working with children from different backgrounds with learning or behavior difficulties. Traveling around the globe in countries such as Egypt, Gambia or Palestine he has gained an immense experience learning from different cultures and getting a better understanding of the diverse challenges facing this 21st century.  

Mehdi Boughalbi has a bachelor degree in international development in which he has developed knowledge regarding human rights, political and economical issues. Now Mehdi ‘s focus is to bring is his knowledge and support to Human Affect AD HOC UNIT in its diverse projects and campaigns.  

Reema Aljahdali 

 Reema Aljahdali worked as a professional translator in Saudi Arabia. Moved to NYC to pursue a Master's degree  in Public Administration from Long Island University. 
Big dream and a bundle of thoughts in progress of creating a better future. 
She fights for gender equality. it is a major issue in many parts of the world. Women suffering oppression, domination, and subjugation of numerous kinds. It's known as the key of the basic human development. From a social, economical, or human right perspective no community can acquire to be educated and progressive unless women are given equal opportunities as men.