Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation

A Human Affevt Ad Hoc Unit Policy In Action Implrmentation Initiative

Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation Contact Information

Kibide Nelson
Human Affect Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliaton
Yoga Youth Peace Ambassador
Youth Peace Ambassador

Phinean "Roaring Lion"
Yoga Youth Peace Ambassador

Tir'Zah "Dancing Wind"
Yoga Youth Peace Ambassador

Zuha Jamil
Human Affect AD HOC UNIT
[email protected]

Aarron McWillie
Human Affect Implementation Initiatives Partnerships

Ibijoe Oke
Human Affect International Youth Mobilization Unit

Aurora Chen
Human Affect Media/Press
[email protected]

Mehdi BoughAlbi
Human Affect Policy In Action SDG Cluster

Reema Aljahdali
Human Affect Team Organizer/Coordinator